Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Discussions with Sock-rates.

This is a video I produced for EDU301. I created the puppet out of a sock, used buttons for his eyes, and yarn for his beard. I think this would be a great tool for introducing students to lots of historical figures in a fun way.


  1. He is such a playful rendition of Socrates! I love it! I have tried watching this twice now, and I can barely get through it for all of the inspiration. I can't wait to incorporate a spin off of your show. Would you mind if I possibly show this in my cooperating classroom?

  2. Sock-rates... bahaha, I just saw this. GREAT!

  3. Ha ha! No, I don't mind you sharing it at all. I've uploaded enough embarrassing videos this semester to have effectively dulled my sense of shame. Dr. Baggett has a really great video on puppet making. Sadly I think it's on VHS so you would have to physically borrow it.