Sunday, March 27, 2011

C4K 4

For my March 6th C4K assignment I commented on Tamati's blog. Tamati attends Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. The post I commented on was about how excited Tamati was about her first day of class at Tamaki College where she was taking a technology course. This was a very exciting time for Tamati's class because they had just received a set of new netbooks for their classroom. Here is what I wrote to Tamati:
my comment on Tamati's blog.

My second C4K assignment was the class blog for Melville Intermediate room 8. The students were given a photography assignment to take 5 pictures for each of the four themes they were given in 15 minutes. The themes were: library, around Melville, odd and students of MIS. The students then used the photos to create a slideshow with music using a program called photopeach. Photopeach allows comments to be posted directly into the video that show up as a credit roll at the end of the video. Here is my comment:
my comment on MIS room 8 blog

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