Sunday, March 27, 2011

Community Service

I recently participated in the 100-1000 project organized by Restore Coastal Alabama. The project aims to create 100 miles of oyster reef in order to create "create the conditions needed to plant, support and promote more than 1000 acres of coastal marsh and seagrass." I attended two events, one on January 22nd and another on March 19th. I worked with other volunteers to pass bags of oyster shells down a line to the project coordinators forming the actual reefs. Spending a few hours doing this was extremely rewarding. As a teacher I would love to get my students involved in community service. By giving students the opportunity to create something useful for their community or help the people of their community we can improve their self-esteem and their respect for their community. A great place to get ideas for community service projects is National Service Resources. Alternatively students could get involved in charity projects. Such as adopting a needy school and organizing donation drives for the students.
For my skype interview I chose to interview my friend Kristi about Project Esperanza.

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