Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project #16

For our final project my group decided to create a wiki. We wanted to create a place where teachers who wanted to incorporate tech into their classrooms could find tips on funding their goals. We worked together to start a discussion on where to find grants, how to write them, and also where you could get free technology for your classroom. I had a really great time working with my group all semester and I am glad we were able to keep our same group throughout. By the end of the term we have all learned to communicate well and work as a team to come up with ideas and follow through with them. I feel very lucky to have worked with the people in my group, I learned so much from all of them.

screenshot of our wiki page


  1. I appreciate your opening remarks which help me understand the project better. You do need to list the co-creators and maintainers of your wiki, however.

    This should be very useful to teachers and administrators. It looks like you are getting additions from the public. Great!

  2. @Dr. Strange we have added our names to the wiki. Also, I fixed the code in my above post so that the picture is now a working link to our site.