Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teach Someone (Project #14)

For this project I have created a tutorial on donating through Kiva. I used Screenr for the video portion but, the sound didn't work so I decided I also needed to create a pdf file with written instructions. However, I didn't know how to create a PDF file so I watched this tutorial which was great because it is based on open office which is a great word processing program that has all the functionality of Word but is completely free. It turns out PDFs are very easy to create. I then learned I did not possess the skills to upload my lovely new PDF directly to blogger. So, I learned how to use dropbox to create public links to specific, large files on my computer. Then it occurred to me that I should learn to upload pdfs directly to blogger. So, I read this blog which didn't help me much except that in the comments someone posted a link to their blog which led me to a great hosting site called scribd and now I know how to do this:How to Donate So. Much. Learning.

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  1. Such. Great. Payoff.

    You never cease to amaze me. I was slightly disappointed (and surprised) when i saw that your sound didn't work. Then, I scrolled down just a bit, and was pleasantly surprised (although I shouldn't have been) by your outstanding resourcefulness and PDF instructions.

    I could read your dismay, exhaustion, and pleased feelings as I read your post. You have really been great about "getting" what EDM is all about. Even our sidebar projects, like the donation opportunities that Dr. Strange promoted this semester. Your instructions have renewed my interest in microeconomics. Perhaps I will do a little more digging over the summer :-)

    Thanks for all your hard work,