Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Post 5

Eagles' Nest Radio
Class photo of students in the podcast dressed as ancient Romans
This was adorable. I'm so inspired by how this teacher mixed ancient history with modern technology. There are so many different aspects. The kids really learned about Roman culture and had to form opinions about it as well as thinking of how they would have felt being a Roman. They also learned how to put together a script and create a podcast. Finally, they had to work hard to achieve such expression in their reading. I love that in the picture they're also dressed as Romans to add another dimension to the lesson.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom.
Joe Dale wearing a headset
This video showed two great uses for podcasts. First, podcasts are a great way to reach students who miss school. Instead of becoming stressed out about what they may have missed students can simply go to their class website and listen to the lecture from their home computer. This would also be a great way to give students extra information since it is in a media that they are already using. Giving students the option to listen to a podcast rather than read a chapter in their books will increase the number of students who prepare for class. Second, podcasts are great for project based learning. Students can act, read aloud and create all of which make for a more engaging learning environment.

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection
Judy Scharf
This post had a lot of great information for creating and teaching podcasts. The entire lesson plan was laid out including how much time was needed and what information was covered. Ms. Scharf makes teaching students to create their own podcasts not only feasible but fun. I cannot wait to try this in my own classroom. Students will be so excited to do a research project if they know it will be broadcast over the internet for their family and friends to see.


  1. "I'm so inspired by how this teacher mixed ancient history with modern technology." So follow in her footsteps. Be a podcasting teacher!

    "I cannot wait to try this in my own classroom. " That's what I was hoping to hear! Good luck!

  2. I also liked how ancient history was mixed with modern technology. It was also great that the students were able to learn how to create a podcast. I think that it is interesting that students can listen to a podcast, instead of reading a book. Students will be excited and more enthusiastic about their projects if they are being broadcast over the internet to where their family and friends can see it. I really like how you said that you can't wait to try podcasts in your own classroom.